Create Sustainable Results through Corporate Social Responsibility

We are a public charitable Trust registered under Sec.12AA of the Indian Income Tax Act. The Foundation”s projects are run with a professional approach, focusing on efficiency and measurability of results. We will be happy to deploy the CSR contribution of your company in visible, impactful projects in a transparent fashion and comply with any reporting requirements your company may have.

The causes we currently focus on are Skill Development, Senior Citizens Help and Care and Sustainable Environment. We are also planning projects where these focus areas intersect and one can benefit from the other in synergistic interactions. The Vridh-Yuva Connect plan, which is an integral part of our Skill Development project, is one such example.

Vridh Yuva Connect

While creating change in the short and medium term needs an initial push from the founders, sustaining any good work and growing steadily to touch more lives requires consistent participation from important donors and sponsors. If you are working for, or associated with the CSR division of a company, you could help us sustain our impact by partnering your CSR division with us.

Call the Secretary of our Foundation, Savitha on 9491737180/ 7989606608 or, write to us at connect@mitraz.org to take this forward.