Mitravaani – A community cellphone radio service

Do you want to know authentic information about Covid-19 coronavirus ? Call now!!!, 9278707369, our phone number for Mitravaani, a community cellphone radio service over the IVRS platform.

On our first anniversary, 5th June 2020, we launched a Community Cellphone Radio Service over IVRS to connect with villagers without access to smartphones. This is in partnership with GramVaani, (OnionDev Technologies Pvt Ltd.), our technology and service partner who provides the technical infrastructure for the service.

How the Service Works :

Villagers can give a missed call to our number, in response to which they will receive call from our number. They can listen to recorded messages on various awareness issues as well as share their feedback with the community. These messages undergo a manual moderation and curation process before they are published on the IVRS platform for other users to listen to them.


The service is used for awareness creation on various issues. Villagers can also use it a community media platform expressing their views on various social issues, present any complaints they may have with public services. The process effectively translates into a voice-based discussion forum for the community, where people can share and discuss different topics with each other through voice recordings.This medium supporting local production and consumption of content is called community media, a voice-based media for local communities . The service has a much broader scope to reach out to the under-served section of the society.

There are no charges to be paid by the callers.

Currently, we are piloting the service with Covid-19 awareness for the villages. Soon, we plan to expand and use it as an outreach medium for other domains such as health awareness, skill development awareness and farmer awareness.

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