Senior Citizens Care Workshop

Are you losing your sleep over growing old ?
Is there such a thing as aging gracefully ?
Do you take care of bedridden seniors at home and need guidance ?

These are some of very engaging questions that we sought to address in a half-day workshop of Senior Citizens Care in Puttaparthi. Caring for the elderly is one of the areas that requires the utmost empathy and understanding. Those who care for elderly patients with a terminal illness for a long period, often face, what is called caregiver stress. As a loved one of an elderly relative, what measures can you take to help the seniors in the best manner ? Or as a senior citizen yourself, how can you experience a better quality of life with all your ailments ?

MITRAz Foundation, in partnership with YouSee , a Hyderabad-based non-profit organization, organized the workshop “Current Updates on Geriatric Care” on 23rd February 2020 at our Skill Development Center, with Dr.Prabir Kumar Roy, Senior Consultant, Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad, as the key resource-person. 50 people attended the workshop.

It was designed to an interactive session with active participation from the senior citizens and question-answer session. Exercise demonstrations as well as activities that involved mobility were taken up. During the session they were given resistance bands and asked to use it while exercising. The session gave them practical insights on how to exercise regularly, fall prevention, and useful tips on simple things like how to hold a walker etc.

The five elements of healthy aging, i.e., Physical Activity, Personal Hygiene, Stress Management, Mental Exercise & Healthy Diet were discussed. In the technology era, how can it help or hinder aging ? The answer was, to be savvy about using technology to the extent possible, but in ways where it can aid in interactions and healthy activity. Anti-inflammatory foods and foods high on Omega 3 were mentioned towards evolving a healthy diet plan.

As we had informed the participants earlier that there will be Q & A, the participants brought up very pertinent questions. Questions that you always had at the back of your mind and always wanted to ask your doctor came up and Dr.Roy answered them patiently. Questions such as the right angle to hold a walking stick, question on bowel movement issues, sleep management issues typical of old age, were all answered.

The feedback we received from the elders was that it was very informative and useful. As a follow-up connect, the exercise videos and a summary of the workshop was also shared with the participants over WhatsApp. Since Puttaparthi has a very strong senior citizen population, with many pensioners and opportunities for seva and spiritual upliftment, the workshop provided a much-needed information window to healthy aging and seniors care.