Internship program for final year degree students (Nov ‘22 – March ‘22)

Hands-on experience is a must in order for the re-enforcement of theoretical knowledge. In November 2022, we commenced a five-month long internship program for 38 final year B Com students, with the support of the ArthNivesh team from T.A. Pai Management Institute, Manipal. Most of the youngsters studying at government colleges have no exposure to hands-on learning modules and practical skills development classes. As part of the internship, they are currently undergoing training in English language, soft skills, communication skills, Tally training, digital literacy and financial planning. In the last three months of their internship they will undertake projects relevant to their domain that are also oriented towards community welfare.

General Duty Assistant Batch 11 (Sep ‘22 to Dec ‘22)

The eleventh batch of one of our flagship programs – General Duty Assistant training – completed their three month-long course in December 2022. 28 students, most of them women, qualified to become Nurse Assistants. The three-month long certification that we offer in partnership with Tata Strive, targets youngsters from rural backgrounds who have a basic 10th grade qualification. They are given training at the MITRAz Skills centre, Puttaparthi, for two months and then undergo on-the-job training for a month at various hospitals. We assist them with securing jobs by placing them with elders who require care-giving services at home and also in clinics as Nurse Assistants. It is heartening to note that several of the recent batch of students were married ladies, who were eager to upskill themselves so that they can earn and support their families.

Fun @ MITRAz (27th Nov ‘22)

With the GDA course coming to a close at the end of the year, we decided that it was time for our students and staff to have some fun. We planned a day trip to Amagaondapalem on November 27th. For several of the women students, this was the first recreational outing of their lives! We had a most enjoyable time while undertaking the lovely trek up the scenic hill that is surrounded by water bodies. At the same time, we decided to turn the trip into a plogging party and do our bit for the environment by collecting plastic bottles, wrappers and other bits and pieces of trash that we came across on the way. All in all, it was a beautiful and memorable day – one that refreshed and recharged us!

5th anniversary of the MITRAz Foundation – 18th October 22

We can’t believe how fast the last half decade has flown by, but time doesn’t lie. We celebrated the fifth anniversary of the MITRAz Foundation on October 18th 2022 at our centre in Puttaparthi, while it seems like just yesterday we were cutting the ribbon at the inauguration! We recounted the journey of MITRAz from its very inception to how it has grown today into a full-fledged organisation that has been blessed to touch hundreds of lives. The low-key celebration was high on feeling – that of a deep sense of gratitude: firstly, to the Almighty, secondly, to our many supporters and volunteers and, thirdly, to our students and their families who put their trust in us. We pray that we get the opportunity to celebrate many more years in the service of mankind.

Parents Meet [ 12th September 2022]

‘Celebrating Excellence’ is a Parents Meet session that we conduct for each batch. We recognize that family support is a fundamental cornerstone that directly affects the progress of youth starting out to build their careers. This meet gives us the opportunity to connect with the parents of our students in person, to apprise them on the progress of their wards and to get them directly involved in making the right career decisions for them. For students, it is an opportunity to put up programs and, buoyed by the encouragement of their family, to commit better to their career goals.

Visit by Alumni from Sri Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Bangalore [27th September 2022]

Alumni of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning from Bangalore visited the MITRAz Centre at Puttaparthi on 27th September for an interactive session with the current batch of GDA students. In a highly invigorating meet, the alumni shared practical tips on patient feeding and care in addition to many other pearls of advice and suggestions from their own vast experience working in the same field. Such motivating sessions buoy up our students and equip them with much-needed confidence to start out on their careers.

Yenumulapalli PHC Mega Health Mela Support [March 2022]

1. The GDA students of Batch 9 enthusiastically assisted doctors and nurses in the Ayushman Bharath camp organized by the Primary Health Care Centre in Yenumulapalli. They not only supported the medical professionals but gained valuable hands-on experience in dealing with patients.
2.MITRAz financed the setting up of tents for the camp and also distributed buttermilk to all the patients and staff. One of the PHC organizer’s remarked: “We would have had more patients with heat stroke than with other ailments if not for the timely support from MITRAz!”

Alumni Meet [November 2021]

The motivation to continue and do better comes when we connect with the alumni and they tell us their success stories. At MITRAz we make it a point to connect with small group of alumni to understand

Yuv Ayush Program [October 2021- Present]

In October 2021, MITRAz Foundation launched a new initiative to support Type I diabetes patients from the underprivileged community. Through this program we provide free insulin injections to patients between the ages of 15 and 25. Having to pay for this life-saving drug, often, holds back youngsters who are already struggling to complete their education and become self-sufficient. This initiative eliminates the problematic factor. As the patients on our radar start working or migrate, they are replaced with other eligible locals. We plan to continue with this ongoing project for the foreseeable future.

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Free Vegetables delivered at home for the needy

In May 2021, we initiated a free service to purchase and deliver fresh vegetables to underprivileged COVID+ patients in quarantine or isolation in the village areas surrounding Puttaparthi. We also started supplying medicines and serving Sai Protein to patients admitted at the Dharmshala Covid Care Centre in Puttaparthi. Both initiatives have significantly contributed to the well-being and successful recovery of dozens of poor patients.

Free online yoga and wellness classes

On May 18th 2021, the Foundation started free online wellness classes. Classes include yoga, breathing exercises and acupressure sessions and take place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 5 pm for 30 minutes. These fun-filled interactive sessions are aimed at improving the physical health and emotional well-being of participants and are open to all. We are thrilled that the classes are being attended regularly with such an overwhelming number of enthusiastic participants.

Andhra Pradesh COVID Helpline

On May 6th, 2021, in partnership with Sai Krushna Trust, MITRAz Foundation set up the Andhra Pradesh COVID Helpline ( 040-48213300). This service provides verified news related to COVID-19 and authentic information on oxygen support, hospital bed availability and ambulance services. It also provides tele-consultation and counselling to Covid patients with the help of volunteer doctors and certified counsellors. We have helped hundreds of needy people since setting up this helpline and have been widely appreciated for this service.

Breaking the barriers – The story of a young man on the path of growth

He saw success around him, but he didn’t have access to it.
He knew the life he wanted, but didn’t know where to start.
He was undeterred by failure, but language was a barrier.
His thinking was defined, but his presentation was not refined.