Hear it from the MITRAites

“Mitraz is a charitable Institution in Puttaparthi. All those students who want to fulfill their dreams, MITRAz is helping them achieve it! I learned communication skills, technical skills, how to invest money etc from MITRAz and I’m very proud and happy to have improved myself for a better future.”
S. Suresh,
BFSI Batch 5, Office Assistant, Shanthi Bhavan Sathya Sai Ashram
"My parents are very happy I am earning. Now I am able to help my father with his medication. I have completed my 12th standard and I want to study more. I'm thankful to MITRAz Skills for showing me the right path"
Sai Anjali B,
GDA Batch 1 , Nurse Assistant, SSSIHL-Anantapur Hostel
“My life has changed after I completed the GDA course. I got a lot of practical and hands-on training which is now very helpful in my job. Even though I’m very scared, I’m going to the Super Speciality Covid Center and helping elders and patients. I’m able to achieve this only because of the life skills and training I received. Thank you, MITRAz”
Naresh Bedupalli,
GDA 5, Home Care-Giver, Puttaparthi
"The single most takeaway from MITRAz for me was, I take responsibility for what I do. I work like an owner not like a labourer!"
Galli Ravi,
BFSI Batch 3, Acquisition Officer HDFC Bank Puttaparthi
"When I joined Kotak bank, I was very scared as all people are not the same. But BFSI training helped me a lot. Because of this job, I could clear Rs 10,000 debt I had taken for my studies. I buy fruits and bakery stuff for my family which was never possible as we had to make ends meet."
T. Varalakshmi,
BFSI Batch 1, Acquisition Officer Kotak Bank Puttaparthi
“My in-laws, my relatives, they used to always look down on me. But now the tables have turned! Today, I not only have a job, I not only earn my bread, on my own, I have my entire family, including my in-laws, talking to me, and respecting me while we converse.”
Amrutha Chinappan,
GDA Batch 5, Skin Therapist, Olivia Skincare Clinic, Bangalore

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Free Vegetables delivered at home for the needy

In May 2021, we initiated a free service to purchase and deliver fresh vegetables to underprivileged COVID+ patients in quarantine or isolation in the village areas surrounding Puttaparthi. We also started supplying medicines and serving Sai Protein to patients admitted at the Dharmshala Covid Care Centre in Puttaparthi. Both initiatives have significantly contributed to the well-being and successful recovery of dozens of poor patients.

Free online yoga and wellness classes

On May 18th 2021, the Foundation started free online wellness classes. Classes include yoga, breathing exercises and acupressure sessions and take place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 5 pm for 30 minutes. These fun-filled interactive sessions are aimed at improving the physical health and emotional well-being of participants and are open to all. We are thrilled that the classes are being attended regularly with such an overwhelming number of enthusiastic participants. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81089339228

Andhra Pradesh COVID Helpline

On May 6th, 2021, in partnership with Sai Krushna Trust, MITRAz Foundation set up the Andhra Pradesh COVID Helpline ( 040-48213300). This service provides verified news related to COVID-19 and authentic information on oxygen support, hospital bed availability and ambulance services. It also provides tele-consultation and counselling to Covid patients with the help of volunteer doctors and certified counsellors. We have helped hundreds of needy people since setting up this helpline and have been widely appreciated for this service.

Breaking the barriers – The story of a young man on the path of growth

He saw success around him, but he didn’t have access to it.
He knew the life he wanted, but didn’t know where to start.
He was undeterred by failure, but language was a barrier.
His thinking was defined, but his presentation was not refined.